Subaru Impreza Concept: first teaser for the next generation of the compact Subaru

Subaru has come to Hall of Tokyo 2015 with an important advancement. Character concept yet, but with strokes perfectly applicable to a production car, introduces us to a Subaru Impreza that is responsible to stay ahead of the next-generation of the compact japanese.

Subaru has not given us habaldo even of its mechanics. In the first official pictures it does not show even the interior of this Impreza Concept.

In terms of design this Subaru Impreza concept leaves us with important changes, particularly in the lateral line, in the forms of their roof and in those two strokes, well-defined, one along the bottom, another, linking up with the wheel arches, at the top.

The front deserves special attention to its set of optical, meeting with a decidedly hexagonal grille, which is now present in the latest models of the brand. In his behind the role lies also in their optical as well as in the absence of any other element that breaks the monotony of the body, without any surface checked, no exhaust outlets…

In figures this new Subaru Impreza would be a length of 4,400 mm, a width of 1,880 mm and a height of 1440 mm, and its wheelbase of 2.670 mm.

Subaru has been reserved for now any details mechanical, so we will have to keep waiting to see how it evolves this conceptual model until your arrival to production, to its arrival to the streets to become the new Subaru Impreza.