Subaru is concerned about its high number of calls to review in the USA

Prueba Subaru LevorgSubaru is a company that is experiencing a great growth in its sales data in the united States. Since November 2011, every month has improved the records of sales in comparison with the same month of the previous year. In addition, in this 2016 it aims to improve the records in a 5.5 %, while expected to increase nearly 9% in sales in 2017 to reach 670.000 vehicles sold in the united States.

All these data are very good for the american subsidiary of the japanese company. However, it seems that the high demand of their models, and the excess of production are taking a toll on the quality of their cars and the whole way; both their production line in Indiana, as the products of external suppliers. And is that in recent times the number of calls to review for the models marketed in the united States is still somewhat high. This has led Subaru to take action.

Prueba Subaru Outback 2.0 D LineartronicOne of the calls to review most talked about was the famous airbags of Takata, although, as it affected a large number of manufacturers and is not a fault directly of this car brand, is not of great importance in this sense. In the month of February called by 77,000 units of the Subaru Tribeca due to a failure in the closure of the hood, in may 48.500 units of the Outback and Legacy due to a problem in the steering column, and about a month ago to 100,000 vehicles with a turbo engine with a fault of overheating, which could end in a fire.

Automotive News has recently interviewed Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, president of Fuji Heavy Industries, parent of Subaru. Yoshinaga stated that the first step to improve the quality of their products in the united States was “to assign to a new person to monitor and improve the quality of Subaru in the u.s. market”. “The background of the current situation is the rapid growth of sales of Subaru”. The CEO of Subaru states that when the measures begin to notice expect to more satisfied customers and better recognition from organizations such as J. D. Power and Consumer Reports.

Source – Automotive News