Subaru is exceeded, for the first time above the million units sold

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Subaru has commercialized cars more than 6 decades, being one of the greatest experts in traction vehicles total, all-terrain and also sports as the current Subaru BRZ and Subaru WRX STi. In addition, the account which was the first manufacturer to perform test of shock to improve security in the event of an accident. Despite this, there has never been a mark of high sales volumes and also not too recognized in our country.

Despite the fact that, as was said, never has been highlighted by a few big sales figures, 2016 has been a great year for the japanese brand. In the past year Subaru managed at the global level to overcome the barrier of one million units sold, with 1.012.000 vehicles. It seems that the crisis years have not affected, at least at the level of sales, the brand to japan and is already leading five years in a row to improve their record.

Prueba Subaru Outback 2.0 D Lineartronic

In comparison with the 2011 data, when marketed 617.000 units, the increase has been nothing less than a 64 %. If we compare the records of 2016, with year-on-predecessor, by 2015, the growth has been 3.4 %. The car firm belonging to Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. has a double reason to be happy, because in 2016, also celebrated the 50th anniversary of the engines boxer, which in this 2017, it will surpass the 17 million sales.

If we take a look at the sales of the brand in our country, in the commercial department also has reason to be happy, because have exceeded for the first time since it is present in Spain the 2,000 units enrolled with a total of 2,017 vehicles specifically. The model most sold in our country has been the Forester, followed by the Outback.

The brand is optimistic of face-to-2017, when Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. celebrates the centenary of its creation, in terms of sales with a forecasts that will be placed in 1.090.000 units.

Subaru Forester
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