Subaru Legacy 2018: slight upgrade aesthetics with many technical innovations


Small restyling, almost unnoticeable.

Subaru showed at the Salon of Chicago 2017 the new Legacy 2018, an update of the model 2015, which is more a technological renewal that a restyling to use, although we can also find developments in the aesthetic plane.

we Found changes in the area in front and rear, with slight touches on bumpers and optics, however, the image of the Legacy 2015 remains almost unchanged. The novelties are found in the air inlets of the bumper and the mouldings on the front grille. In the rear area is more complex to find the differences, because they are very subtle.

In the interior, however, we find better materials and finishes, as well as new items of equipment, with the incorporation of a infotainment system StarLink enhanced, compatible with the functionalities of Apple Car Play and Android Auto.


In behind it is more complex to find the differences, that we find in the lines of the bumper.

For the moment, Subaru has unveiled the new Legacy 2018 in north America, so we can only assert for the moment that these innovations will be available in those markets, Mexico, USA and Canada. In these territories, the available engines will remain the same as in the previous version, a 4-cylinder 2.5-liter and a V6 3.6-liter. Both iran associated with an automatic transmission-type CVT and traction to the 4 wheels.

With the smaller motor, the 2.5 litre, the Legacy is available in 3 trim levels, base, Premium, Sport and Limited, while the largest option mechanics will only be available in a version of the finish, the option is Limited.

Among the new techniques we find as Subaru has optimized the suspension systems, brakes and steering, softening his behavior. As well as improved transmission continuous variable CVT, with a new chain to improve its noise.


The improvements focus on the technical and equipment.

In the interior we find improvements in the trim of doors and dashboards, with new seams in those situated at a greater height. The steering wheel is new and has a scheme of color inserts metal. In the console we find a screen now more, available at sizes 7 and 8 inch according to versions, while both your CPU and the software have been improved, with Wi-fi access point.

Within the safety equipment found as the novelty of the headlights
, associated to the headlights type of LED available and improvements in
the system of braking automatic reverse or RAB, now you can
detect objects in your path.