Subaru Levorg STI: is well-stocked with good sportsmanship, dress well for Subaru Tecnica International

Subaru has prepared a new version with the seal of Subaru Tecnica International, with the badge STI, the Subaru Levorg, the compact family of the japanese brand that for the occasion, arriving dressed in their outfits most athletic. Time to get to know all the details of the new Subaru Levorg STI although, before you get illusions we have to give you bad news: only be sold in Japan (or at least it will be by now).

there are No changes to their powertrains, but in its aesthetics and in making his point:

Subaru has kept intact the mechanical available for the Subaru Levorg, which, remember, in Japan are a 1.6 170 horses and a 2.0 300 horses, both boxer gasoline, associated with the change automatic Lineartronic and awd of course, but despite of not introducing changes in their engines has presented a good number of aesthetic changes, with the seal of his division and sports an evolution of making his point.

In this way we find a new suspension Bilstein and a new tare for your address while aesthetically it appears a new front bumper, splitter, sideskirts, tires STI 18-inch

In its interior the upholstery is red and black, with red stitching starring in each corner, and a new steering wheel STI.


Gallery of images of the Subaru Levorg STI 2016: