Subaru Outback with the latest technology and safety

Are you a fan of life ?, Would you like to take advantage of every moment to the fullest? Then do not miss the new Subaru Outback , a model that will make you live many experiences behind the wheel when traveling by car.

Subaru Outback con lo último en tecnología y seguridad In life we ​​can experience strong feelings will awaken all our senses and make us vibrate to the absolute as adventure activities such as rafting borders, climbing and traveling aboard a bike. This explosion of experiences is what we will experience aboard the new Subaru Outback , a new automotive jewel is undoubtedly the object of desire for motorsport fans.

With some CO2 emissions 145 g / 100km in the range 2.0D 6MT or 159 g / km in Linear Tronic 2.0D mode and an output of 150 hp, incorporates the new Subaru Otuback the latest technology with Start Stop system, which models gasoline reduces fuel consumption when the car is stopped, turn off the engine automatically under timeout.

is not insignificant infotainment system SUBARU Star touchscreen 7 “that lets you navigate the same way as if you did a smart phone. Security is one of the cornerstones of the new SUBARU because it uses two stereo cameras that capture three-dimensional images in color or ability to control any vehicle in any weather conditions with motor SUBARU BOXER .

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