Subaru sells more than ever but your gains will suffer

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Now that the first quarter of the year has finished the japanese firms are making public the accounts of its fiscal year 2016. No, they’re not going to delay with regard to the western firms, but it is customary in this culture to do certain things to your liking. A while ago we told you that Subaru was celebrating the good data that he had harvested, on the sales, during the past year.

The mark of the constellation of Taurus, has managed to overcome for the first time in its history the million units sold. Specifically, it has been able to perform 1.065.000 deliveries, marking a growth over the past financial year, a remarkable 11 percent. The market where the biggest growth has been in North America where it has managed to sell 721 thousand units of that million, i.e. 68 per cent of the total sales of the manufacturer. By cons we have Europe with 46 thousand units and the remaining units are distributed almost equally China and Japan.

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These data are very good for Subaru, as it demonstrates that customers appreciate your products due to their intrinsic characteristics. The manufacturing quality and the differentiation technique sells and the makers of the brand know. The counter point to this holiday sales what represent the benefits of the brand. Your total billing has been 29.9 billion euros, that is to say only a 2.9 per cent more than in the last financial year.

If we subtract this amount the taxes we can see that the net profit of the company has been of 2.54 billion dollars, which represents a drop of 35 percent. Therefore, looking to the next financial year, the brand expects to increase its sales up to the 1.12 million units. In addition, expects to increase its turnover by 2.8 percent growing up total billing up to 30,7 billion.

sales forecasts for the next financial year see growth in all the markets in which they are present, but the most important is in North America. According to the brand have to move from the current 721 thousand units to approximately 933 thousand. In addition, Europe is beginning to emerge as a key region for Subaru because they want to increase their sales up to 39 thousand units. It is not a significant growth but did enough to secure the position of the signature in the old continent.

Source – Subaru

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