Subaru Snow Drive 2016: 23 images “behind the scenes” from our experience in Norway

few weeks Ago we had the opportunity to squeeze out to fund the awd system of Subaru in Norway, with lots of snow for the middle, and the steering wheel throughout the range of the japanese firm. You have told in the article “Squeezing to fund the total traction of Subaru: snow, lots of snow and the whole of the range Subaru, the XV to the WRX STI”, but also we had been left a few photos in the “drawer” with the to tell you even more details about that trip, the “behind the camera”, the hundreds of miles of roadtrip to Norway, the cars that joined us on this journey… in short, 23 photographs of our trip to Norway with Subaru.

The Subaru XV, the Subaru WRX STI, all-wheel drive in all formats:

During the experience we were able to test the full range of Subaru, from the Subaru XV (18.300 euros), the proposal for the compact SUV of the brand, the myth, the Subaru WRX STI (44.900 euros). Circuits of the road, miles and miles by secondary roads and highways, an aerodrome at which drift endlessly… there was even snow bikes!

we Just missed out there the Subaru BRZ. We have a meeting pending with the coupe from Subaru after that test “Subaru BRZ, making contact in Madrid“.

Time to see, photo to photo, a little more of the experience in Norway with Subaru:

From Norway on Instagram: 23 photographs of the experience, Subaru Snow Drive 2016

5 in the morning, appointment at the airport and we boarded, heading to Amsterdam, from where we will fly later to Oslo.

Subaru us has been reserved as the first course a good hundred miles behind the wheel of a Subaru XV. Spectacular scenery, uncrowded roads, a good soundtrack…

Stop for coffee. The blue Hyper Blue will feel phenomenal to the Subaru XV. The Subaru BRZ and the Suabru WRX STI not feel anything wrong.

A roadside motel and…

… their parking lot full of supercargadores Tesla.

Our route includes a peculiar “turnpike”. A stretch of road completely snow-covered run through spectacular valleys with the sun falling.

In our route we met with a few companions at the wheel of the Subaru Levorg. A few pictures of the two mounts together…

No, we are no moose in our path.

the day Dawns. Our first night in Norway ended with a dinner in a teepee, the next day awaits us with a Subaru Levorg to put towards an old airfield:

After the first indications, begin our experience in circuit and off-road. The Subaru XV surprise us again and after showing us the day before which is a great router, makes it clear to us now that it is not a compact SUV “urbanite” more, it has great capabilities offroad.

A photo…

Time to eat. A barbecue in the snow, burgers, hot dogs…

Between a shoot and a shoot in the snow the Subaru WRX STI goes for the elevator. The slopes of snow does not forgive and you have to adjust the bumper and remove some plastic from time to time.

it Is the turn going to the track. Ahead a few hours to drift and skid, with the Levorg, the WRX STI…

Problems? The organization has a Forester to rescue us (and yes, I had to do on more than one occasion)

While the afternoon is coming to its end we the opportunity arises to put us at the controls of a snowmobile and… wow experience! An “iron” tremendously fun and just as unstable.

Back home. Ahead of a new roadtrip to get to the Oslo airport. The landscapes are simply spectacular.

In Norway, it seems impossible to have the car clean for more than 10 minutes.

How to liven up the return flight?