Subaru VIZIV-7 Concept: preview of a new SUV 7-seater for the united States

Subaru VIZIV-7 Concept - posterior

The new Subaru VIZIV-7 Concept breaks into the Auto show in Los Angeles in 2016.

signature japan’s Fuji Heavy Industries has presented to the public at the Auto show of Los Angeles 2016 is an interesting scoop that we anticipated some of the features of the new model that will launch in the united States. In particular, Subaru has unveiled an interesting prototype called Subaru VIZIV-7 Concept. A vision of the new SUV 7-seater from Subaru.

it Is the largest Subaru shown to date, and the brand emphasizes that its name comes from the term “Vision for Innovation”. As we say, it is a SUV 7-seater with the Subaru makes it clear that very soon will be offered in north America an alternative to the recently introduced Volkswagen Atlas. Although this kind of SUV do not generate many new registrations in Europe, its sales are going quite well in other markets such as the us.

it Is for this reason that Subaru wants to launch an SUV 7-seater with generous dimensions. In addition, this concept shows us a small glimpse of the future vision that Subaru wants to offer to their customers. A vision based on the concept of brand as “Enjoyment and peace of mind.”

Subaru VIZIV-7 Concept - lateral

it Is the biggest Subaru ever shown to date. A SUV seven-seater.

Compared with the current range of Subaru, the new VIZIV-7 Concept shows a design that seems to be the result of creating a cocktail using the Subaru Outback and the Subaru Forester as ingredients. Its prominent front is characterized by the grid or the sharp headlights that incorporate daytime running lights using LED technology. The hood presents a few lines very marked.

If we look at the profile of the Subaru VIZIV-7 Concept, we realize that we are facing a vehicle very muscular that conveys toughness and strength. And if we finish our tour of the exterior in the rear, the most notable that will catch our attention are the rear lights as well as the bumpers and the roof spoiler. The protections and defenses spread across the exterior accentuate your hand more country.

With this concept Subaru wants to translate some of their ideas about how should be the next full-size SUVS of the brand. Some of the elements that it presents will not arrive on the production model, although many other concepts yes that will be. Will the design philosophy of “Dinamic x Solid” that, combined with the spacious interior with seven seats, will result in an interesting SUV that will be ready to disembark in the united States dealers in the year 2018.

Subaru VIZIV-7 Concept - frontal

Subaru us anticipated how will your new SUV seven seater.

Espicificaciones of the Subaru VIZIV-7 Concept
Long 5.200 mm
Width 2.030 mm
High 1.860 mm
Battle 2.990 mm
Tires 265/55 R21