Subaru WRX STI S207, the circuits to your garage with extra spicy

Subaru WRX STI is one of our favorite cars in motor. A sport of the old school in the background, rough, uncomfortable, and unfriendly on the paper. A true beast devouring of curves once we face a road to his level. My partner Mario was in the 24 Hours of Nürburgring with team of Subaru, and is now the own Subaru that pays tribute to the victory with a street car. A special edition named S207, with an extra spicy and many knick-knacks performance.

328 HP and only 400 units, exclusive to Japan

Subaru expects that this WRX STI is used so constant and demanding circuit. It is not a car ride.

For a start, this Subaru WRX STI S207 it is distinguished from other STI for your engine. Is a boxer 2.0-liter in Europe has 2.5 liters – which happens to develop a power of 328 HP at 7,200 rpm, accompanied by a maximum torque of no less than 431 Nm between the to 3,200 rpm and 4,800 rpm. An increase of power not only managed to the basis of electronics, but possible thanks to a new crankshaft lightweight, new pistons, a new turbo, spark plugs, high performance, and a ECU rescheduled. It is a reliable power, which is expected to be used in circuit.

The gear train to the full, has been revised and improved. The WRX STI S207 has new sway bars front and rear, as well as a new bar of turrets in front. suspension Bilstein and is fully adjustable, and is directly derived from the catalogue of extras STI. The steering is more direct, the result of changes in the ratio of vehicle. Only those changes would change the entire sporty character of the car, but Subaru and STI do not stay there.

The exhaust has a more powerful sound, able to scare all the neighbors, and to many cars in the circuit.

Replace the silent-blocks of the engine, the arms of the suspension, their bearings, and even the braking equipment. Now it is a team Brembo, with ventilated discs on both axes, are embraced by six-piston calipers on the front axle. The tires are Dunlop SP Sportmaxx RT – a soft compound very sporty – in measures 255/35R19 92Y, mounted on rims BBS of 19 inches. Active control of torque transfer has been installed, with a tune more advanced than the series system. Almost nothing.

A body kit specific has been created for this limited edition to 400 units. A kit consisting of a front spoiler, skirts and a calender aggressive. If you equip the pack NBR Challenge Package – which gives the option also to the yellow paint – we can install in our STI a giant spoiler carbon fiber. Inside the car we find a steering wheel wrapped in Alcantara and bacquéts signed by Recaro, as well as a specific instrumentation, trim elements in aluminum and an emblem memorial.

In summary, it could be said that it is WRX STI definitive. With an impressive tuning from the factory, chosen by the experts STI. Will only be 400 units and its price starts at about 45.100 euros, reaching about tremebundos 47.900 euros in the case of the S207 NBR Challenge Package Yellow Edition. As before we said, is a special edition that only will be sold foreseeably in Japan.

Source: Subaru
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