Subaru WRX STI & SEAT Leon Cupra: so you lived “behind the camera”

the End of may and in our garage for a Subaru WRX STI. Ahead is waiting for me a weekend in which in addition to accompany Trackforce and Michelin in a day’s trackday on the circuit of Motorland, Alcañiz, I will find myself at the foot of the Ebro river, its delta, with Sergio and a SEAT Leon Cupra of 280 horses. Today I wanted to recover that weekend and show you some of the snapshots then we do not teach.

A SEAT Leon Cupra 280-hp and a Subaru WRX STI of 300 hp for a good weekend between There and the mouth of the Ebro:

Currently the SEAT Leon Cupra has 290 hp and a starting price of 29.870 euro. The STI part from 44.900€.

Madrid, Aragon and San Carlos de la Rapita with the mouth of the Ebro. As fellow travelers a Subaru WRX STI his boxer 300 hp and Juanma to the position of the photos in addition to a perfect morning Sunday with Sergio and the SEAT Leon Cupra which was then tested.

Two frames of exception, and the discovery of a winding secondary road that we conquered in full “Serra de Godall”. Ravines, a path desert…

you Can read the whole story in the articles “Michelin, Trackforce and Motorland: ¡trackday in Aragon!” and “At the foot of the Ebro: Subaru WRX STI and SEAT Leon Cupra”, now is the time of the photos, that “behind the camera”.

Photo to photo, so we live that long week-end with the SEAT Leon Cupra ye l Subaru WRX STI:

we had Already tested the new STI earlier, but after my step for the 24 Hours of Nürburgring I could not resist and I asked Subaru for this trip to this japanese of the old school.

At the Nürburgring STI was first in its category, with a surprising 18th place in the general.

waking up early and on the road. A little over 5 in the morning and Juanma and I headed from Madrid to Aragon to prepare a report on the trackday of Trackforce, and Michelin.

Motorland welcomes us.

ahead of a good day between boxes, between curves…

With a cast is really good from participants. A lot of Porsche, yes, but also a Caterham Seven, a stunning Ferrari 458 Challenge, McLaren MP4-12C, several Alfa Romeo 4C, Dani Carter and the Ginetta G55 Octane…

After the meal touches make our way to San Carlos de la Rapita. A quick stop on the way pair any photo, the more gasoline of 98 octane for the boxer 2.5-liter…

And we arrived at dusk to the rice paddies and the beaches of the estuary, perfect for letting completed most of the individual photos of the STI.

the sun goes down and we fall exhausted after dinner after an intense Saturday.

Sunday. 10 in the morning. Sergio is waiting for us with the SEAT Leon Cupra and tells us that he has seen on Google Maps a few sections interesting for the surroundings. We’re going to clean the car and we set off.

in Front of the wild STI the Cupra moves really more docile, though he does not lack cogency, and that extra bit of security that transmits makes the roll easier for these narrow roads.

The environment barrancoso is spectacular. Juanma climbs to find the instant perfect.

And after the mountain… back to the beach. Only a few minutes separates the two landscapes.

no, it is Not the salt desert of Bonneville, are the beaches of the natural park of the Ebro Delta.

Controls hard, firm hold, those 300 hp delivered with great efficiency to all 4 wheels, a good and heavy direction, a change of touch-rough, the lag of the turbo as “old school”…

Scorched by the sun and after eating in the harbour of San Carlos de la Rapita we go back to the rice fields to stop put an end to the session. The heat, already almost summer, it gets a bit stifling.

it Is time to say good bye. Sergio has to go back to Barcelona with the SEAT, us to Madrid with the STI. The sun begins to descend, we leave behind in the rear-view mirror, framed by the wing, the Cumpra. The road is waiting for us again.

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