Subaru WRX STI Type RA: new limited edition of 314 HP


New Subaru WRX STI Type RA.

As I announced last week, Subaru would a very special version based on the current WRX STI with a view to break the record of the Nürburgring for vehicles 4 doors. This receives the name WRX STI Type RA, that as I said few days ago, is the acronym of the expression “Record Attempt” (attempt to record in Spanish.).

The new WRX STI Type RA receive better in-plane mechanical, unlike the BRZ tS, which the brand presented simultaneously on this model, addition of new carbon fiber elements and some modifications in the plane of the frame. Just like the BRZ tS, will arrive in early 2018 in the format of a limited edition, with a planned production of only 500 units to all over the globe.

At the exterior we find the ceiling made entirely of carbon fiber, the same material used for the massive rear wing, some new wheels BBS alloy ultra-lightweight 19-inch with tires Yokohama Advan Sports in 245/35 R19 (the BRZ tS mounted a Michelin Pilot Sport 4 in 215/40 R 18) and the emblem of Subaru Technical International in various areas of the vehicle, just like the accents in red color.


The rear wing is carbon fiber and has a size more than respectable.

rack-level, we find tweaks to the suspension with items signed by Bilstein and a new set of brakes with six-piston calipers on the front axle, interestingly, the spare wheel disappears. A simple step to further lighten the weight.

The mechanical enhancements are pretty significant, the block of a 2.5 liter supercharged now reaches 314 HP (310 hp) thanks to the changes STI has practiced in the cooling system, in addition to touch up the ECU and adding new pistons and a new exhaust system. The manual transmission has also been revised, and we now have a gear shorter for the third speed and a lever something shorter.

Interestingly, Subaru has presented the model but not in the time he could with him during his recent tests at the Nürburgring, the real reason for launching this limited edition. During the attempt, whose video you can see under these lines, the engineers at Subaru were not on your side weather and encountered heavy rain, so they have been forced to schedule new tests this summer, so that in a few weeks we should find out if the new WRX STI Type RA achieved or not their goal, the record of the Nordschleife for models of 4 doors.