Subaru XV 2018, a renewal that improves what is already existing


A style rejuvenated thanks to new design details

we are Not faced with a simple restyling, although it may seem so. The Subaru XV 2018 is a model completely different to its predecessor. Opens almost everything, while still maintaining those qualities that we all look forward to, not only a product of the japanese brand, but a FIFTEENTH. Has been presented today at the Geneva motor show, and it will still take a few months to reach our country.

As we say, many are the novelties offered by the XV 2018. Starting with the base, the smallest of the todocamino Subaru debuts platform, the same that already sported the Subaru Outback, although with a few measures trimmed for the occasion. This will provide from now a much higher stiffness, while keeping the 20 inches of free height with respect to the ground.

If we continue ascending, we find ourselves before a new generation of engines. 80% of the parts that make it up are of new manufacture. Of course the blocks are still of a Boxer configuration, and is has sought to make them more efficient and sparing. The management continues to rely on an automatic gearbox Lineartronic drive continued with seven speeds.


The XV keeps its proportions and its urban nature and campero

Obviously, we must not forget that the total traction of symmetrical Subaru. You know what they say: “if you want a todocamino cash, buy yourself a Subaru“. Now above has been improved so that the Subaru XV not only shows a great talent for driving out of asphalt, but also within. It has introduced a software called Active Torque Vectoring, which improves the steering and the grip in the turns.

In terms of its interior, which for the moment has not been allowed to see, the XV 2018 premieres multitude of components. New seats, more grip, better materials, box of instruments with the touch screen of eight inches, and a lot of technology. Like its older brother, the XV, you can now enjoy the latest advances in terms of active safety thanks to the incorporation of the System Eyesight.

finally, Subaru has not forgotten the body, although in this case you have to recognize that the changes are more subtle. The general line of the car is kept, although it will be renewed for that as well show you a style that is more rejuvenecidor. Nerves more marked, optical redesigned and a new palette of wheels and colors that they will eventually complete the overall design.


behind the new XV looks headlights redesigned and nerves, much more marked

Although Subaru the end of file, it will still take a few months to reach the Spanish market. In fact it is considered as the model for the year 2018, so we dare to say that until the end of the year will admit orders on dealer. The prices, for the moment, are unknown.