Subaru XV 2018: first advance before its debut in Geneva

Subaru XV 2018 - teaser

First preview of the new Subaru XV. His debut will take place at the Geneva Auto show in march 2017.

it’s official, Subaru has confirmed that it will present in society the new generation of its popular compact SUV at the Geneva motor show 2017 that will take place next march. The development of the new Subaru XV 2018 is already finished, and by way of advance payment, to liven up the looks of your presentation, the japanese manufacturer unveils for us his line and profile with this first teaser.

Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, President and ceo of FHI (Fuji Heavy Industries), will be responsible for presenting to the audience the new XV on the 7th of march at 11:00. Since its launch, the model of access to the range SUV 4×4 Subaru, has been ranked as the best-selling brand in the Spanish market, surpassing the 3,200 units. During the past year, 2016 is registered in Spain 800 units of the Subaru XV.

During the edition of last year’s Geneva motor show, the signature japanese introduced the Subaru XV Concept, a prototype that we showed some of the traits that we see in the production model. This teaser lets us glimpse a SUV look solid, compact and dynamic. The bumpers, wheel arches or the roof rails accentuate your personality country.

Subaru XV 2018 - foto espía

Photo spy of the Subaru XV 2018 during its development phase. Photo: Phocarmedia.

Although the changes will be numerous and many of them notable, the truth is that we will be at a model evolved that seeks to maintain the base of the Subaru XV that are now in dealerships. Leaving to a side its image and focusing on the innovations relating to the technical and mechanical advances will come from the hand of the new platform modular global Subaru.

Thanks to the use of this new architecture, the new Subaru XV 2018 will be more length and width, which will help to provide a passenger compartment more spacious as well as a trunk with greater capacity of load. And although it will grow a few centimetres, will continue to maintain its character as a compact family. It will also reduce your weight and increase the safety thanks to the incorporation of lighter materials at the same time resistant.

In terms of the section mechanic, we can anticipate that the range of engines for the new Subaru XV will be renewed with offers that are more efficient. Will make act of presence the engine boxer four-cylinder and even, later on, will join the range a hybrid variant plug-in in the Atkinson cycle thanks to the collaboration of Subaru with Toyota.

Subaru XV Concept

The Subaru XV Concept we anticipate the new-generation XV that we will see in Geneva.

¿When it will come to the
The new Subaru XV 2018 will land in dealerships Spanish
the end of the year 2017. During
the next few weeks it is very possible that Subaru continue to unveil more advances
the new XV, so we will be watching out for new details.