Subaru XV Hybrid STI Concept, does it open the void to the sports packs?

Subaru XV Hybrid STI Concept Living in Tokyo we are leaving with some of the proposals of Subaru that we do not know if finally come to the production. This is the prototypes on models already on sale, but with a personal seal in the key of STI. Now it is the turn of the Subaru XV Hybrid STI Concept, a prototype of XV with a mechanical hybrid and an aesthetic plane where reigns the sports personality of the STI. Will we see something similar in the street?

is Not a sports model as such, but Subaru has been raised to give the compact SUV a new look more dynamic. Before the practical security of which we don’t see an XV with the acronym STI, this could be a future package aesthetic sports that decorate the body. Let us not forget that with the evolution and dominance of the SUV in the market, it is not strange that appear versions or elements sports.

Subaru XV Hybrid STI ConceptThe Subaru XV Hybrid STI Concept debuts a new body kit comprised of a new low for the body. There is a new splitter front that extends to the side with a few small fins, all based on the style of the WRX STI S207. There is also a new grille and air intakes in the bumper new invoice.

along the body by the side with a few new skirts we back with a new spoiler, a new diffuser is added, or a few pilots in the rear is obscured. The whole spread with orange details, but also noteworthy is a plastic protection which on this occasion is painted in glossy black color.

Subaru XV Hybrid STI ConceptIn the interior there are no significant changes, and the cockpit is simply a reflection of a combination of colors more striking. The black base will contrast with a few new touches in orange, to trim, edges of mats, seams or part of the upholstery. We don’t know what he intends to forward to us the Subaru XV Hybrid STI Concept, but it’s probably a new optional package with a style that is more sporty and personal. It is possible that in a short time is available for the XV is a little more discreet.

Source – Subaru

Subaru XV Hybrid STI Concept
Subaru XV Hybrid STI Concept
Subaru XV Hybrid STI Concept
Subaru XV Hybrid STI Concept

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