Subaru XV: with 114 horses and traction total 18.300 euros

Subaru has the Subaru XV is a solid argument to win over those who are looking for a crossover compact size and a price of around 20,000 euros, willing above all to convince those who enjoy some good skills out of the asphalt, skills which, it is said of step, lacking the bulk of alternative to facing this Subaru XV.

The Subaru XV has a price starting 18.300 euros, a price is advertised and that includes the discount Plan PIVE, but what we offer Subaru for these 18.300 euros?

This version features the petrol engine of 114 horses, total traction and a equipment of series in which there are alloy wheels of 17 inches, the climate control (monozona), bluetooth, and USB socket.

is A good option?

Accounts with the lure of the awd and a good dynamic off the road, offers a good interior dimensions and finishes more correct in addition to a price below 20,000 euros.

subaru_xv_dm_precio_1 what Alternatives?

There is a new contender in the segment that is not willing to make it easy for the Subaru XV, yes, the SEAT Ateca. It is now available with a introductory offer for 18.800 euro, with the petrol engine of 115 horses and a good standard equipment.