Such was the SUV Marussia F1 was never born


In its heyday, Marussia Motors Company dreamed of making sports and SUVs . Among the projects that were filed seafront SUV F1 , which was rescued from a old photographs taken in the premises of Russian brand .


Marussia F1 SUV H ace few years, Marussia planned to make sport and SUVs . In May 2010, the Russian brand showed a prototype which he called F2 which was based on the chassis SsangYong Rodius . This concept car extravagantly designed supposed would reach the market in 2011 , with a price that would be around the $ 30,000, but eventually the project filed.

At its best, sport Marussia planned to sell and SUVs and F1 was one of his prototypes.

But that was not the only SUV brand, since early 2010, the Russian brand had designed a full-scale model of Marussia F1 work product designer Ivan Borisov . The model, made of polyurethane block was mounted on a chassis, but lacked mechanical and interior.

But for some reason, the F1 was never shown in any international exhibition, as well also was shown to the media. As early as 2013 Marussia Motors Company was on the verge of bankruptcy and prototype was destroyed , almost in the way a Russian spy bites cyanide capsule to not unveil the secrets of state.

However someone managed to take some pictures that were recently published by the Russian site Rusautomobile and help us understand some of the history of Russian brand even managed to own one Formula 1 team that was active between 2012 and 2014 seasons, after acquiring the British team Virgin Racing.

Judging by the pictures, we believe that there has not been a great loss for the automotive industry that F1 never born, but it’s worth taking a look at Rusautomobile to observe some other models models that had planned.

Marussia F1 SUV





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