Sum and remains, a million Toyotas hybrid is circulating around Europe

In 1997 came a technology that many had considered impossible to apply a conventional car, the hybridization. After years of studies, analyses, tests, successes and failures, Toyota launched the Prius Hybrid. For the first time gasoline and diesel were attacked by a system that today is used more than a million of Toyota in Europe.


A special celebration for a milestone very special

Or 20 years have passed from that date. Since driving is not only more sustainable, but that thanks to the arrival of that pioneer has introduced a new social consciousness for the environment. A mindset that will endure for years to come thanks to the arrival of newer, more efficient units such as the Toyota Prius 2016.

The drive round million has been delivered in Germany, to a more than satisfied customer who has been rewarded with a Toyota Auris Hybrid over a year of completely free of charge, in addition to the paid course. An event that has been as special as it is fun, and that means a new record.

Toyota and Lexus are equipped with a fleet of almost hybrid. 23% of their sales correspond to responsible units and highly efficient. 50,000 units of that million mentioned circulating in Spain, and many more will be as time goes on, because at the rate of more than 52,000 this year, there is no stopping them.


Already it is no coincidence that your purchase is the a million exact

however, if we go to global data is when the picture takes a look ginormous. Since 1997 Toyota and Lexus accumulate to more than eight million hybrid vehicles. An exaggeration that once again shows the social consciousness implanted by the hybrid technology. Let’s take a look at the chronology of such special data

  • 1997 – Launch of the first Prius Hybrid
  • 2007 – sales global cumulative hybrid exceeds one million units
  • 2009 – The global sales accumulated of hybrids over two million units
  • 2011 – The global sales accumulated of hybrids exceed three million units
  • 2011 – sales of The Prius in Japan exceeded one million units
  • 2012 – The global sales accumulated of hybrids exceed four million units
  • 2013 – The global sales accumulated of hybrids exceed five million units
  • 2013 – The global sales accumulated of hybrids exceed six million units
  • 2014 – The global sales accumulated of hybrids exceed seven million units
  • 2015 – The global sales accumulated of hybrids exceed eight million units
  • 2015 – The european sales accumulated of hybrids in excess of one million units

As you can see, almost 10 years it took to reach one million units, but from there the deadlines are shortened, achieving accumulate in just eight years, more than seven million units. No one can deny the resounding success of the hybrid range Toyota and Lexus. And this has not been done but empezar.


As a gift the family can enjoy a Auris Hybrid completely gratuita