Super Bowl 2017: Compilation of advertisements for cars

The city of California will host this Sunday the end of the NFL (league of american football) with the match between Denver Broncos and the Panthers of Carolina. The 51st edition of the event, thanks to the social networks is a wonderful showcase promotional for many brands that take advantage of the advertising space of one of the events relayed in the world, with figures of approximately 5 Million dollars by 30 seconds of promotional video.

In, as is usual every year, we have made a compilation of the ads that car manufacturers will be issued during the ad breaks of the event.


The japanese firm takes the opportunity to show the Lexus LC, a machine that in spite of not having feelings, they can be expressed by humans, as in this case, the dancer Lil Buck.


The original spot of the mark nippon extrapolate the dreams of youth of famous characters (that appear on its fringes student) with the slogan of the signature The power of dreams and 20 years Toyota CR-V.


If that is a Buick I am a supermodel says before becoming Miranda Kerr one of the stars next to the player in the NFL Cam Newton that appear in this spot of the u.s. firm that shows two of their new products.


Starring people in distress who finally finds the solution to their small, everyday problems, Ford goes beyond (as their slogan go Further) finding solutions to the everyday problems of the car (sports car-driving, autonomous, electric vehicles…)


it Is difficult to be eco-friendly, but it is easy to drive, it is the claim of advertising, this ad starring the comedian Melissa McCarthy and its incidents ecologists to carry, no problem with the new hybrid from the Korean company, the Kia Niro.


The German firm returns to the fray with the equality of sexes as the protagonist of their ads (remember that I already did this christmas) and the Audi S5 Sportback where they show that the progress is in all that you do as a brand, even in the equal pay between men and women.


With a Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster in place of motorcycles pays tribute to Easy Rider with this announcement re-branded as the Easy Driver and with Peter Fonda of the protagonist where, the convertible sports the German firm is a Built to be wild (built to be wild).


The novelty and originality of this year comes from the hand of the Korean company, which record your documentary during the match and will be issued just at the end of this, as the last announcement of the event. This year, the best moments of the Super Bowl will not be during the match, but at the end, reads their slogan.