Sure that you see with good eyes this Toyota Prius by TOM’s Racing

Toyota Prius TOM's Racing Toyota Prius is not far from the sports that you are looking for, neither by performance nor by aspect. But TOM’s Racing has been put to work to give a touch more exclusive and sporty at the new Prius, a touch that comes from the hand of a new body kit. To see improvements to the mechanics, if there are, we will still have to wait.

aerodynamic kit who proposed to TOM’s Racing consists of a new front spoiler, side skirts or a diffuser in the rear. There are specific details as the new tires or the quad-outlet exhaust. To finish off the aesthetics, the preparer has darkened the edges of the headlights and the rear.

Toyota Prius TOM's Racingis Not a change of the radical look, and, except for a few details, it could pass for a sports version of the Prius, of which we are not aware that there will be. Without a doubt it is a finish very japanese and manga, with a lot of edge around the body and there was nothing wrong with the style Kammback on the car. What we don’t know is if this new look gets worse or improves the careful aerodynamics series.

TOM’s Racing has provided the Toyota Prius a new suspension that lowers the height of the body-and, we imagine, to harden his character. By now, there are no mechanical modifications, although we cannot rule out some “spark” to the electric motor to give him more power and would increase the number of power and performance of the set.

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