Surprise! BMW Vision Next 100: this will be the car of the next century, according to BMW

Today arrancábamos the day remembering an anniversary very important. One hundred years ago was founded as the Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG, which would soon would know as the Bayerische Motoren Werke, and its acronym BMW. And to commemorate its one hundred anniversary in the BMW not only going to look to its past, to its history, but also to the future. And what better way to do this with a prototype futuristic and spectacular, while still being a car, and so many other aspects just seems a car. Is called the BMW Vision Next 100 and reflects how imagine BMW will be the car in the next hundred years.

BMW think about autonomous cars, but with the ability to allow the driver to take the controls and enjoy the “I like driving”.

And how do you think BMW will be the car of the next century?

In BMW’s assume that in the not too distant future most cars will be autonomous, i.e., can move without the intervention of a driver. With that idea in mind it is logical that BMW, the brand which still advocates the motto of “I like driving” begin to consider how they will be with their cars when that day comes. And that is where BMW has decided to rethink the relationship between the passengers and the car to preserve that link emotional.

In this way, the BMW Vision Next 100 would be an autonomous car, but would be designed to allow the driver to take the controls when it suits you, .


The BMW Vision Next 100 mixes traditional concepts, with ideas, really avant-garde. Although hardly noticeable, continues to maintain four-wheel – , located at the ends and hidden under a few eye-catching fairings that help that this prototype is remarkably effective at cutting the wind, with a drag coefficient (cw) of 0.18.

BMW speaks of a car permanently connected, in a fusion between the digital world and the physical, and with a technology in which the artificial intelligence will be able to address our desires and, above all, will help to ensure that our travel safer.

In the BMW are also considering how to evolve the strategies of production of cars, and imagine already manufacturing plants in which the printing in three dimensions and the use of materials will modify completely the usual appearance of a production line.

bmw-vision-next-100-14On board, the steering wheel would have been replaced by a kind of rotary control with two handles, style joystick, that would make it easier for the driver to work driving.

BMW also believes that touch screens are a solution to temporary, which in future will be replaced by more advanced technologies, but also (according to them) more human and intuitive. The car of the future, according to BMW, you do not have screens, but surfaces on which is projected information, including the windshield, in all its extent, and interfaces that allow the interaction of the driver and its passengers in an intuitive way with the car, using gestures, or voice commands are more advanced and similar to a conversation between humans.


BMW also would have led to the existence of drive modes to a new level. A level at which the modes will define if we will move in autonomous mode, called mode Ease, or if we prefer to take the controls, in Boost mode, with a degree of automation determined that will take advantage of artificial intelligence to define the degree of interaction of the driving assists and driving systems autonomous.

Source: BMW
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