Surprise: The Ford Mustang 2017 gets only 2 stars Euro NCAP


The Mustang 2017 surprised by his bad score.

the surprise of The day has starred in the Ford Mustang, which has obtained the lower classification of a large manufacturer of recent years in crash tests from Euro NCAP. The sport made in north America has been rated with just 2 stars, what that has left us speechless, a good part of the specialized media.

Although studying the report issued by the european institution is quite simple to explain such a result, does not surprise that a large manufacturer like Ford Motor Company has not been able to foresee this outcome.

According to Euro NCAP, the results of the Mustang in terms of protection for adult occupant and pedestrian are not bad at all, 72 and 64 percent respectively. They may not be considered bright, as many vehicles will exceed in this aspect, but at least they are not calamitous, as they are in terms of protection to occupants child and in the section on systems of security assistance, where it gets a dismal 32 and 16 percent, respectively.


Results by categories published by Euro NCAP.

Currently, in order to obtain the maximum score, not only the vehicle needs to have good notes in all sections – it is not necessary to achieve the highest score – in addition to you must have some systems support the security, as the emergency braking system.

The Mustang lacks of these systems. Remember that it is a model that was unveiled at the end of 2013, before entry into force of the new rating system from Euro NCAP, which practically compels the manufacturers to rely on these systems to be able to get “good” in its crash tests.

In fact, the Mustang tested is the model 2017, that is to say, the last update before the arrival of the new Mustang 2018 that begins to be marketed this year. This new iteration itself with a package of measures in this regard, as the Assistant Pre-Collision system with pedestrian detection, distance Alert, or Wizards of involuntary change of lane.


Classification of the Mustang Gene-6 in the IIHS.

These technologies have not been present until now in the Mustang, although interestingly yes, which had a system of emergency braking in the united States, where he obtained a good rating from the IIHS (the american institution homologous to Euro NCAP).

Where it fails badly and is more difficult to reason the reason is in the poor result obtained in terms of protection to occupants child. Get a simple 32 percent is a very bad figure for any modern car, from any segment, in this aspect, in the tests of the IIHS obtained a score of “Marginal” (the second of 4 possible) in terms of the anchors for child seats.

likewise, the measured results in terms of the front passenger’s seat may not be qualified as good, being quite troubling in the case of a shock front (or side) , as you can see in the following diagram.


Results Euro NCAP.

time of deployment of the airbags on the right side has not been suitable and in the case of the passenger-side have been obtained worst records in the driver’s side.

surely, the Mustang 2018 will correct this defective result. Not
in vain, in Ford have bothered to modify the own nose
model 2018, he took it down a few centimeters, as we already saw previously, surely, to improve the results in the section of
protection to pedestrians.