Susie Wolff is removed from the world of motor

Susie WolffSusie Wolff, the test pilot of the team Williams and wife of Toto Wolff, has confirmed that will put an end to his sports career in the world of motor. Susie began as a pilot development for the ecsudería Grove, but has been promoted to fitter official. However his appearances in the free have been limited, and his work reduced to get at the controls of a F1, and when he is done, the luck has not accompanied the scottish, with problems in the car that prevented it from rolling.

Susie Wolff will end his career in the motor at the end of this season, after having collaborated in the development of the cars of Williams as the FW35, FW36 and the FW37. Many, many hours in the simulator, test aerodynamic and several days of evidence have been their aspirations in F1, since he has not been given a seat holder in any team. Females are in short supply in the motor sport, although lately are becoming more and more, however, the world of the engine seems somewhat sexist and often do not have the same opportunities as men.

Susie Wolff en WilliamsSusie wanted to thank the team Williams for all these years and this opportunity, in addition to indicate that it closes a chapter of his life, but is open to face new challenges of the future out of this world. Claire Williams has wanted to thank the work of Wolffit Has been a pleasure to work with Susie during these years and see his development as a rider in the team. Your feedback and knowledge of the car has been an important part of our most recent development, gives us worth it to go. We want to thank you for all your efforts and wish you the best for your future endeavours.“.

Susie realized that her dream will not be fulfilledAt the age of 13, the dream and the goal was F1. […] I wanted to and I struggled a lot to form part of the grill but by the things that happened at the beginning of the year and the current environment in the F1 is as well, it’s not going to happen. I have a hunch that tells me that it is time to continue the journey. It is time to exploit new challenges and go to new environments. As an athlete it’s always difficult to know when to stop, but this trip has come to an end. What if I think F1 is ready for the pilots competitive they can compete at the highest level? Yes. Do you think that you can get as a woman? Definitely yes. What I think will happen soon? Sadly, it didn’t. These are the problems I’m talking about. I want to give something back and help the next generation. I dare to be different, I want to inspire others to do the same.“.