Susie Wolff launched the platform “Dare To Be Different”

Susie WolffSusie Wolff announced last 2015 that it was withdrawing when he did not see fulfil his dream of driving a F1. In the team Williams had a job as a driver of development, but it seems that women have not been able to find a place in the Formula 1. Now working hard to be able to zoom in on women in F1, but not only as pilots, also to occupy other positions within the world of motorsport, with its platform to Dare To Be Different.

Dare To Be Different (Dare to be different) will be a program designed to help women, and who will organise events in the Uk for those who are interested can attend and make contact with what could be your future job in the world of motorsport. The scottish has not achieved his dream, but he wants other females yes, they get it, that’s why he will have to fight from the outside to be able to put your experience and become the model for the new generations.

Susie Wolff en WilliamsThe girl most outstanding find will have a scholarship to compete in karting, although this is much more than just that. Do not try to find a girl who will be the next champion of the world.“. Explained Wolff to the BBC, in addition to recognize that when he announced his retirement he received many messages of people disappointed because they saw him as a pioneer in this, so you want that not to happen again.

Dare To Be Different held events in the Uk during 2016 to try “break the ice, and the perceptions of a world dominated by men.“. So the girls will have experience with karting, learn the importance of diet, nutrition and fitness, and even make work of the press to be accustomed to the media. And adds that “All women have success with any role related to the sport will be shown as an example to follow.“.

Bernie Ecclestone, the stone in the road
Bernie Ecclestone

But Susie Wolff has been found on a stone in the path, because now comes Bernie Ecclestone with your platform “No one would take seriously a woman in the Formula 1.”. So is Bernie, always controversial in his statements, at times saying what nobody dares to say and the other tucking the leg to the bottom as in this case.

Susie Wolff has been met with an enemy, Ecclestone, because with statements like this is not encouraged women to participate in motor sport and I believe that neither makes a favor to the female audience of the sport. And this says just a few months after having proposed a category of the motor parallel to the F1 but only for women, very typical of Mr. And, today I am white and morning black…

Susie WolffWhen asked about the possibility of having a pilot in the F1, has answered that “I doubt It. If one of them could get get would not be taken seriously because I don’t have a car capable of competing. There was a girl who drove in the GP3 entire season, but it is something exceptional.“. And what is true is that it is a world macho where we have seen what has happened with Susie Wolff, who just ran a race in F1 and being relegated to the pilot of development and to take the car rarely.

What to say, what happened to our pilot of eternal smile, Maria de Villota, or even Carmen Jordá, which is now in the air. But Susie Wolff is not giving up and has already answered to Ecclestone: “Someone has to prove to Bernie that he is not going the right way, that we are not taken seriously is a lie. We do not come to compete joke, but yes it is true that it costs a woman arrives to equipment of the highest level.“.