Suspending the sale of the Ferrari 488 GTB in the united States for fire risk

The NHTSA forces Ferrari to discontinue the sales of the 488 GTB due to possible risk of fire in the engine compartment. Still had not sold any unit.

Ferrari-488-GTBAndn the united States, the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) ordered Ferrari to discontinue the sales of the 488 GTB in the u.s. market, with the aim of preventing a possible fire in the engine due to a manufacturing defect.

This fault was detected by the Ferrari engineers, so decided to call to review to all units that have been commercialized in the united States, to perform the repair free of charge in the official repair shop of the brand. But as the 488 GTB has not yet any unity in the power of american homeowners, which has made the NHTSA has been to suspend temporarily the sale, until Ferrari solves the drawback in all of the units.