Sustainable mobility: Q7 e-tron, the Daily electrical, problems with Tesla’s car print and Future Faraday

currently in is not to them, but today we’re going to bring you a selection of content on which I want to dwell.

several Problems with Tesla

This week we have known some of the problems with the conduction system of autopilotada of Tesla. Among them is something alien to manufacturer, and is the bad use that some
users are doing the same
. We have videos of some irresponsible that has been passed to the
rear seat while the car is circulating on the open road. Something that has forced Tesla
move tab preparing an update that will correct this by forcing the driver to be in your

eye-catching is also the “problem” that an owner of the Model S has had with his car. As some will remember, this saloon has an optional third row of seats, which are located in the trunk. An emergency solution, and recommended only for children. The issue is that a neighbor has seen as the owner of a Model S would get their children into the trunk, and has called the cops to report it.

luckily for this homeowner, the agents that have been appearing have understood the situation, and have even made comments on how cool that is the car.

Car printed 3D

3D printing has come to the world of the automobile. A company has submitted a project that
intends to make the sale a car built 90% by a 3D printer, and to do so as the
next year. That is, if, the cost will not be precisely economic, 56.000 dollar, but the important thing is to
in a few years, instead of assembling cars, we will print.


Faraday Future

Without a doubt, one of the names of this week. With capital, chinese, and technology of Silicon
Valley, Faraday’s Future has become in what seems to be the first rival of Tesla in the
manufacturing of electric cars.

don’t screw around with serious attitude these of FF. Behind it are giants such as LeTV, Netflix chinese, in addition to
other investors with portfolios bulging. The project seems so advanced, that despite not
know any prototype, are already looking for a place for your first factory. An installation that
will attract an investment of 1,000 million dollars, and for which they are competing against four states

Even some rumors indicate that behind Faraday’s Future is the very Apple, very
related to a project of electric cars and could use this strategy to test
luck, and not to put at risk its prestige in case of any problem. Rumore rumore.


Audi Q7 e-tron

This week we have counted as will the next Audi Q7 e-Tron Quattro. A model that
we have summarized in five keys. Power, autonomy, consumption, driving position and price.
Five keys todocamino plug-in that will come to Spain this spring with the goal of
to offer a more sustainable alternative within the range of Audi.

what Will succeed?. Everything indicates that it could have its niche in a market that demands every time
most efficient vehicles.

Iveco Daily electric

Also this week, we have known the proposal of Iveco within the segment of industrial
electrical. A van that banishes the myth that it is not possible for large models
electrical. In this case we are talking about 5 tons of maximum load for a model that will mount a
battery is between 60 and 80 kWh, which will provide you with a range of up to 280 miles with
each loading.

need to know the price, that insurance will not be low, but it certainly opens the door to some
delivery companies begin to take into account the potential savings that this type of vehicle
can offer, and the savings in pollution that we can offer to all the others.


this is the Iveco Daily electric

Scandal of emissions Volkswagen

we Cannot let pass the occasion to speak again of the Scandal of emissions of Volkswagen,
that which we have given a good account in the last few weeks.

But on this occasion we are going to see the positive side, that also has it. During the Convention
The united nations on Climate Change that is taking place in Paris, Christiana Figueres,
executive secretary of the convention, has insured be “delighted” with the Dieselgate, already
it has allowed us to to see a giant like that is the manufacturer of Wolfsburg admit that they have failed, and
you will begin to bet on electric powertrains.