Suzuki also introduces irregularities in consumption of 16 cars in Japan

Suzuki Baleno

The new Suzuki is Positioned is one of the cars splashed by the scandal

In Japan the scandal of the consumption behavior affects not just Mitsubishi. Now the brand Suzuki has been recognized that some of their cars also announce data consumption bad in the japanese market. Carrying out the research commissioned by the Government of Japan, have been detected discrepancies between the approval processes stipulated by the law and carried out by the brand. In total there are 16 affected models.

Suzuki already has apologized to its customers and shareholders and has wanted to leave clear that it is a problem that occurs exclusively in Japan, where it uses a cycle of approval of its own, which differs from the NEDC european or the u.s. EPA. The irregularities are being committed, since 2010, and according to the brand, which is the fourth japanese manufacturer most important, affect 2.1 million cars.

Suzuki HustlerThe irregularity has been detected in the form of to calculate the aerodynamic drag and rolling of the vehicle. Instead of doing so through a few tests of the vehicle, is calculated using the resistance values of all the elements of the vehicle individually. Suzuki also believes that the weather conditions in your test course in Sagara have been able to affect the figures of approval.

After having tested the models affected in the right way, Suzuki has determined that the deviation between the wrong method previously used and the one that makes the law in Japan is not charged and that is maintained within normal parameters, so that the consumption data of none of their cars will be modified.

affected Models of Suzuki in Japan

Suzuki Escudo Japón

Model Launch
High December 22, 2014
Alto Lapin June 3, 2015
Wagon R 19 September 2012
Hustler January 8, 2014
Spacia march 15, 2013
Every February 18, 2015
Carry 20 September 2013
Jimny from 2010
Throne August 26, 2015
Ignis February 18, 2016
Positioned in the march 9, 2016
SX4 S-CROSS February 19, 2015
Swift September 18, 2010
since 2012
October 15, 2015
Jimny Sierra from 2010

Source – Suzuki

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