Suzuki Alto Works, 64 HP japanese with gear


The Suzuki Alto is, in any of its variants in japanese, a kei-car. Is limited by regulatory power, dimensions, displacement… Is a type of car very logical for the crowded cities in japan, and gives so little margin that they are worth exporting. The Suzuki Alto for Europe is larger and more powerful.

Within the limited scope of this legislation, like 3.4 meters long or 64 HP, the High Works does not exceed that power to not pay more taxes, but the engine R06A has been retuned to give a little more torque. That means that the power curve is even flatter, but up. It has three cylinders and 658 cubic centimeters.

Weighs 670 to 740 kg

The High Works delivers 100 Nm of torque at 3,000 RPM, with a gearbox of five-speed manual, short trips, or automatic (Auto Gear Shift) with the same relations. You can choose both with front-wheel drive as total (ALLGRIP 4WD), with the two boxes mentioned above.


unlike the Alto RS Turbo, the power steering and the gas pedal respond more aggressively. Account with a deposit of fuel is very small, 27 liters. In terms of consumption, according to the standard japanese JC08 swallows 4,2-4,5 l/100 km of gasoline, so that the deposit spread out enough.

At the exterior is distinguished by an air intake more aggressive, fog lights, specific wheels several spokes, and 15″ brake calipers red, heel cups with stickers and chrome accents in the headlights.

On the inside you will find two front seats type báquet signed by Recaro, mats, dashboard-specific, leather-wrapped steering wheel and contrasting stitching in red. Only by the details of the seats is already a hesitate total of “pellet”.


The japanese have a shot for 1.5 million yen, about 11.500 euros at the exchange to make us to the idea. Never see it in Europe, since the kei-car are smaller than the segment of this area, and would be really difficult to sell.