Suzuki Alto Works: the GTI pocket that you would want to have in the garage

The culture car from Japan is certainly wonderful. In addition to cars that we can’t enjoy in these parts, they are incredibly respectful of their classics and the maintenance of their vehicles. One of the cars that we hate to not be able to enjoy in these parts is the new Suzuki Alto Works. A kei car that for once, is focused on the fun at the wheel, and not to his philosophy the usual maximum utilization of the space. A GTI pocket of little more than 600 kilos in weight, dynamic and refined.

The Suzuki Alto basic carry a maximum torque of 660 cc with only 49 HP of power and performance very simple.

The Suzuki Alto is kei car from Suzuki for excellence, a bestseller that as it comes being usual in Japan, is limited to his 3.4-meter regulatory. Also his power is limited to 64 HP, and displacement, only 660 cubic centimeters. Considerable restraint that do not prevent the guys from Suzuki to create a small GTI pocket, that already we would like to enjoy in Spain. Its sports version is called High Works, and one of its main novelties is that it is equipped with una manual gearbox is very closed.

A box of five relations that can move either the front wheels or the rear wheels. Is connected to a three-cylinder engine of just 660 cc and turbocharged. It should be No surprise this engine is in fact present in the Caterham Seven 165 with an identical power output of 64 HP. This powertrain develops a healthy 100 Nm of maximum torque at 3,000 rpm, a pair that is slightly higher than the Alto Turbo RS. With its manual gearbox, its efficiency is 23.6 km/l according to the cycle JC08 japanese.

Its price tag is just the 11,500 euros in your version manual front-wheel drive. Who buys a ticket to Japan?

Is a consumption, just more than 4 l/100 km, but we must keep in mind the benevolence of the cycle of japanese consumption, even more permissive than the NEDC european. Dynamically, the Suzuki Alto Works is equipped with a suspension KYB sports and 15-inch wheels with tyres more focused on a good grip that in a low coefficient of friction. Although we do not know their benefits, we know that weighs just 600 kilos, so that its response and its driving dynamics should be bright. Who pillara.

in Addition, aesthetically it is radical. The Suzuki Alto is one of the kei car more beautiful, and his version Works is really interesting. Your typical calender joins a look dim, with its 15-inch wheels and an aerodynamic kit discreet. Several vinyls they tell us that we are not facing a High conventional. In its interior we have bacquƩts Recaro and a sports steering wheel wrapped in leather, as well as a instrumentation whose tachometer reaches up to 9,000 rpm. Definitely, very interesting.

Source: Autoblog
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