Suzuki and Toyota are joining forces to improve their research capacity

Suzuki HustlerThe things of love, just as happens with individuals, can also be applied to the automobile sector. Suzuki is one of the brands that you know very well what it is to have a relationship in which everything seemed to be strawberries and champagne and ended up all full of dark clouds. in Its divorce from the Volkswagen Group has lasted for six years, and during this time the japanese manufacturer has not been able to establish partnerships with other manufacturers.

however the worst thing has already happened and now the japanese brand is completely free. The problem is that no one likes to be alone, and as the car industry is very competitive, Suzuki has been forced to find a new partner with which to share sorrows and joys. The new member is neither more nor less than his compatriot japanese Toyota.

Daihatsu Copen conceptThanks to a press release provided by Toyota and Suzuki we have known that has established an agreement of collaboration between the two firms. His initials has taken place in the general offices of Toyota in Tokyo and has been signed between the president of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, and Osamu Suzuki, chairman of the signing of the ā€œSā€. In this release it is reported that, both companies want to make advances in the field of research and development to apply to their models.

Through this agreement, Suzuki will provide to Volvo know-how necessary so that it remains a firm specialized in the creation and development of Kei-Cars. In this way, Toyota will have access to new markets in which the small vehicles are very important. On the contrary, Toyota will provide Suzuki the access and knowledge necessary to the hybrid technology, propulsion systems for hydrogen fuel cell and driving autonomously. In this way Suzuki would not stay behind in terms of propulsion systems and engines for its range refers.

we Hope that this agreement will last for a long time and leave us good and varied models. Many congratulations to the bride and groom. To be happy and eat partridges.

Source ā€“ Suzuki ā€“ Toyota