Suzuki launched in India a RS version of the new Positioned

Maruti Suzuki Baleno

Positioned in the is the car that has returned to Suzuki today world almost through the door. It is true that there is a car of substance, nor the most sophisticated or the highest level of technology, but yes, it is a car competitive enough for it to become one of the most sold of its range. It is as important to the brand within of your design combine several essential requirements to be able to sell in all over the world without the need of drastic changes.

One of their most important markets is the India (reason for which measures less than 4 metres) and as the firm wants to become a best seller in the country have decided to give him a sports version. The Maruti Positioned in the RS (there it is sold under the Suzuki brand) is how to called this sport version and as we can see in the photos it shows a character more suggestive than the normal version with a few tweaks aesthetic.

Suzuki Baleno 2016

On an aesthetic level, main changes with respect to the simpler versions are focused on the following aspects. The Positioned in the RS comes with a new alloy wheels painted in glossy black color, a few front and rear bumpers with more muscular thighs, a front grille more enhanced and a slight change in your headlights key. Rounding off the exterior, a few levers to open doors chrome as well as the new blue that you saw the body.

In terms of mechanical, the new is Positioned in the RS will reach the indian market with the same gasoline engine of 1.0 in the front and three-cylinder Boosterjet that we already know in Europe. The difference is that instead of delivering the current 111 bhp, it will deliver only 102 hp. This engine, as is the case in the other, will also be associated to a manual gearbox five relationships without the possibility, for now, include an automatic cut.

If equipment turn to speak, this sport version of the is Positioned to incorporate elements like ABS and dual airbags, four disc brakes, Bi-xenon headlamps with automatic Led to the light of day, infotainment system with touch-screen SmartPlay and rear view camera among other items. All in all, what is missing to know is its price, then the Positioned in the RS is quite nice and interesting to become a true giant killer, if it came with the 1.4 Boosterjet of 140 hp of his brother Vitara.

Source – Suzuki