Suzuki launches new 2-cylinder diesel for celerio in India

suzuki celerio diesel 1 e1433413405974 Suzuki presenta su nuevo motor diésel de 2 cilindros para el Celerio en India engine

Suzuki just introduced its new twin engine diesel internally developed and, for now, for the Indian market. This new development is due to fuel subsidy in China, and goes on Suzuki celerio , one of its strongest bets there with Maruti, now powered by a motor of low consumption.

This engine has only two cylinders and a small displacement of 793 cc . Despite the supercharging with a small turbocharger it generates a modest figure of 47 horses power to 3,500 rpm, while the maximum torque is 125 Nm got to 2,000 rpm.

suzuki celerio diesel 2 e1433413466566 Suzuki presenta su nuevo motor diésel de 2 cilindros para el Celerio en India Suzuki says it has worked to create a very compact engine to place in very small car, as it released celerio. It has also worked in the weight saving , which involved the construction of aluminum engine block and cylinder reduction. The vibrations seem obvious to see this configuration, although the brand claims to have been one of the key aspects to be addressed and reduced, including through specific steering wheel inertia.

The result is a highly efficient engine with content consumption figure the manufacturer 3,7 l / 100 km on average . It is, in other words, the most efficient engine ever created in India. Precisely that is your market, being first full diesel engine development within Suzuki . His arrival in other markets is confirmed and while Europe itself has come celerio probably not get to see this alternative mechanism.

Source – Suzuki

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