Suzuki Mighty Deck Concept: because man does not live by the Ford F-150

The vehicle is in your screens is Suzuki Mighty Deck Concept . It is a kei car in the form of pick-up, a small town with extra space to load all kinds of packages. His name is not random: Mighty Deck is a tribute to Mighty Boy, a kei car Suzuki pick-up that occurred in the decade of the 80. Its popularity has led the Japanese to relaunch the small vehicle in prototype form. Because no need to drive a huge Ford F-350 to be the owner of a pick-up.

The nicest pick-up time

measures less than 3.4 meters and has 64 hp, but is more versatile than many larger cars.

As good kei car, it is limited in size and power drive. This explains a size of 3.39 meters and a width of only 1.47 meters . These cars are the least taxes paid in Japan and therefore resemble bricks with wheels: should maximize space. As good kei car, also has limited capacity and power. It is a three-cylinder car powered by a small of 658 cubic centimeters , fed by gasoline. It is a hybrid, because their electric wheelchairs are assisted by an S-Energy Charge system.

Possibly we speak of a semi-hybrid system, and in any case for being a kei car, maximum power should not exceed 64 HP. It is a car seater, with a covered wooden box that fits the needs of space occupants actively . Its configuration can be changed by a series of movable panels, in addition to its height. A truly versatile system, with the added touch of elegance that brings natural wood from which it is composed.

it is also possible to increase cargo space to the passenger compartment by folding the front passenger seat accordingly. A carrier which by the way, is convertible: the canvas roof opens like a can of sardines it were, in an identical car like the Fiat 500C provision, without going further . If we combine this with a friendly design and futuristic at the same time – Look at the beautiful lights – we have a winning combination


Hopefully Suzuki anime series production in this particular vehicle.

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