Suzuki say the iM-4 will be produced in series


The crossover Suzuki IM-4 hit the market in 2018 to be located next to celerio as the most accessible of the Japanese options. It would not be a substitute Jimny will have a generational change in the coming years. [1.99901 million]


Suzuki-IM-4-Concept-2 T ny suggests that the iM-4 prototype presented by Suzuki in the last Geneva Motor Show has good reception by the public , since according to a source quoted by brand British publication AutoExpress, the small compact SUV has been approved for series production.

The Suzuki IM-4 hit the market in 2018 with few modifications to the prototype. [1.99901 million]

According to pamper source, Suzuki iM-4 would be almost ready to begin production, with just a few own a vehicle that ceases to be a prototype very mild blemishes and prepares his arrival in the streets.

Aesthetically, the iM-4 has a style [1.99903 million] retro paying homage to the small Suzuki SC 100 in the 1970s His little body 3.69 meters long It is mounted on a entirely new platform . With the front light clusters with LED lights integrated inside the grill, plus a supplementary fog lights circular format and some moldings with chrome trim highlights.

Mechanically propellant is expected Dualjet with block of 1.2 liters and an Boosterjet 1.0 liter turbo , manual and automatic and versions of simple and all-wheel drive transmissions.

When you arrive to the market, presumably in 2018, the IM-4 will be located next to celerio as proposed the two most accessible in the family of products Suzuki . Anyway this new 4 × 4 not officiate as a substitute for Jimny, which will continue in production until 2018 when it is expected to arrive the next generation. [1.99901 million]





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