Suzuki Swift 2017: is Filtered first image final?


The new filtered image coincides with the renders leaked previously.

We have stumbled on to the network with a new image of the future Suzuki Swift 2017. A snapshot that appears to show one of the standard versions of the Swift, not of its sports version, which is also in development.

This new image is added to the renders that leaked a few months ago in which we could see the new design of the range 2017 utility japanese, will be presented next year. Although the image has very low resolution, it is clear that we are facing a real model and not a concept, revealing some of the details that already we knew instinctively of the many prototypes that we’ve hunted this last year.

In the front we see as this version has a design of grill pendant, which is framed by the black grid bottom, giving the impression of buoyancy. The grille on if it has a hexagonal shape, flattened at its upper and lower edges, a feature of design that seems to prevail in latest models launched recently. The recent Opel Insignia Grand Sport is a good example of this.


We have seen numerous prototypes of the development of the Swift.

The optical groups that appear in the image fit perfectly with what we were expecting to find us. Of great size, are a evolution of the employees in the current generation, with some forms more elaborate and stylized, with a clear lower cut, forming a ridge that runs parallel to the closest area of the grill. Another design detail that seems to be spreading by the various design departments of the brands.

Although we do not have picture of the rear, and the door open does not allow us to see much of the side, yes you appreciate the design of pillar floating in the back stile. Again, another trait very much used lately and that appeared in the renders leaked to the beginning of the year.

In terms of their range mechanics, we expect the Swift to 2017-availability of the
motor 1.0 Boosterjet of 111 CV that premiered the Suzuki Positioned, and seems to
that will feature the current 1.2-litre maximum power of 90 HP, also
available in the is Positioned. The Suzuki Swift Sport 2017 will have the new 1.4 Boosterjet of 140 HP.