Suzuki Swift 2017: You filter all of your images and range in Japan


Up to 6 versions in Japan, 2 hybrid.

again, we see another leak of the new generation of the Suzuki Swift, although on this occasion the commercial catalog complete intended for the japanese market. Where can we see the full range of the small utility japanese, as well as all their perspective views.

The changes are the same that we saw in the leaks earlier, which seems to validate those first leaked images. In the front a new optical redesigned, now with LED lighting, rest on a hood is more pointed, ending in a grill with hexagonal-shaped spot.

The lower grille of the bumper seems to embrace the area of the grill itself, giving the impression that this is a floating. While in the lowest zone, there are two small lips on each side of the bumper. It confirms in turn the design on pillar floating in the back stile, with an area obscured that separates visually the roof line with the pillar.


Its launch will be immediately.

In terms of the range, we find that the new Swift in Japan will be marketed in at least 6 different versions, including two variants hybrid. The Hybrid RS and Hybrid ML, in addition to the Swift RSt, RS, XL, and XG.

The european range will be very different to the japanese, with the new
engines BoosterJet
, the block 1.0 Boosterjet of 111 CV, which was premiered
with the current Suzuki Positioned,
in addition to the current engine 1.2 liters, a maximum power of 90 BHP, which also
part of the range mechanics of the is Positioned in.

In terms of the new Suzuki Swift Sport 2017,
we hope that this powered by the 1.4 Boosterjet, which delivers 140
CV. In terms of the options of transmission, we will find a
option five-speed manual and for the automatic we could
find us one of six relations or a box CVT.