Suzuki Swift Sport has

The Suzuki Swift is a fun car to drive, a triumph of the Japanese firm in the field of cars and urban youth . And Suzuki Swift Sport are equipped with more powerful version of the series. Furthermore the relationship between price and equipment level Suzuki Swift Sport sufficiently tempting to make things difficult for competitors like the Audi A1 and Abarth 500.

A feature that distinguishes Suzuki Swift Sport is versatility of use . The name Sports refers to a sporting spirit that does not escape bold design; But it is also a solvent car in the city and in normal, everyday driving.

Caracteristicas del Suzuki Swift Sport.

The engine, called M16A, is atmospheric, with a displacement of 1600 cc. and 136 CV power to a negligible rate: 6900 rpm. Maximum torque is 160 Nm at 4400 rpm.

The Suzuki Swift Sport , and this is a quality to mention, it is a quiet and not too high speeds, car smooth ride and agile. Less than 4000 rpm, silence becomes one of the most striking features , especially in a car in its class.

His inside space is another of the qualities that make it stand al new Suzuki Swift Sport . Spaciousness, enhanced by the forms of the body, is striking when one considers what moderate length and overall size. However boot capacity one of its strengths. Only 211 l

Caracteristicas del Suzuki Swift Sport

cockpit of new Suzuki Swift Sport was optimized to confirm the state Sports model. The front seats are spacious and comfortable, and the steering wheel has a number of provisions to make the driving experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

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