Suzuki used methods for irregular approval of consumption in Japan


Suzuki Positioned (2016)

Recently we did echo of the scandal at Mitsubishi, relative to the measurement of consumption of their models: the manufacturer is japanese it has admitted to have employed during the past 25 years -from 1991 – methods are not orthodox for the measurement of the fuel consumption of their models, by falsifying the data of approval to not comply with the regulations in force in Japan.

Just a few weeks later, another japanese manufacturer is affected by a scandal similar. We refer to Suzuki, has admitted irregularities in the measurement of the fuel consumption 16 of their models. All of these vehicles have been manufactured since 2010, and the affected units only correspond to the japanese market.


Suzuki SX4 S-Cross, one of the affected models in Japan by the measurement spot of consumption

According to the Suzuki Motors, the fourth largest car manufacturer of Japan, the company hired methods not approved in the measurement of consumption of their models, turning off at set parameters such as humidity or altitude. However, and according to the brand, these irregularities do not affect the data consumption approved that are advertised in each model, nor have tampered with evidence intentionally.

After Mitsubishi, Suzuki admits not having complied with the standards of approval in the japanese for measurement of consumption

The internal investigation initiated by the manufacturer will continue through the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan, but according to Suzuki their results -after using the methods of type-approval in force in Japan – do not show large discrepancies in the consumption figures, and comply with the allowable deviations and the emissions standards established, so this case does not seem so serious as the Mitsubishi.

This new scandal has affected the stock market listing of Suzuki, and its shares have lost more than 10% of its value in the last few hours. It is estimated that there are over two million cars (all of them sold in Japan) are affected by these errors in the measurement of consumption for type-approval, with sixteen models including the Jimny, Jimny Sierra, Swift, Wagon R, Alto, SX4 S-Cross, Throne, Shield, Hustler, Spacia, Carry, Every, and the recently presented Positioned and Ignis.