Suzuki working on a Swift Sport brand new with turbo engine and the aesthetic is more modern

Suzuki Swift SportIf you are looking for a compact sporty and the budget you manage is limited, one of the most recommendable option is that of the Suzuki Swift Sport. It is the version most fun of the range of the small japanese just for about 16,000 euros it can be yours. Thanks to this price, and its maximum torque of the engine of 1.6 liters, the model japanese is very well known in the segment, although sales do not support this fact. A reality that perhaps has led the brand to work in a Swift Sport brand new with turbo engine and the aesthetic is more modern. Let’s see what we know about the upcoming subcompact asia.

to Be honest, aesthetically it is not one of my suv’s favorites, but I must give it up to him for the personality that exudes. It is difficult to find one like him, and is that your personal design and your content price is sum his motor, a species in danger of extinction. We talk about the mechanics of kw of 1.6-liter with 136 horsepower. A heart capable of stretching up to 7,000 turns of renunciation of power, preferring more by the lightness and elasticity.

Suzuki Swift SportAlthough in the present times, there is no future for these engines. The downsizing is still lurking which vulture hungry. There’s No room for hearts, atmospheric, and there is plenty of space for the reduction of capacity and the installation of overfeeding. In this way, as has happened with so many, the Suzuki Swift Sport will go from a naturally aspirated engine of 1.6-liter 136-horsepower to another 1.4 BoosterJet of 140 HP that we have already seen riding his brother the Vitara and that, as we say, turns the turbo. It is a pity.

But, thinking coldly, it is a logical move. Will not appeal to the purists, that is obvious, but if you will be able to attract more public, which is us as we put on the main objective. Will not have much personality, but will be more competitive. And is that the segment of the sport utility moves on average in the 190 horse power. In addition, the new aesthetics that will teach, will be another point in favor for choosing it.

Source – Coach

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