Suzuki’s first diesel engine is a 2 cylinders of 0.8 liters


The first turbodiesel engine produced Suzuki is a bi-cylinder 793 cc and an output of 47 horsepower with a consumption fuel 3.7 liters per 100 kilometers . Already uses Suzuki celerio released this week.


Suzuki-Maruti-Celerio-diesel-1 S Uzuki went on sale this week India new celerio diesel . Time to market this version also means the debut first drive diesel produced by Suzuki .

The new turbodiesel is a 2-cylinder 793 cc, 47 hp and a consumption of 3.7 l / 100 km.

This is the new DDiS 125 engine block with two cylinders and 793 cc engine capacity , which is capable of developing 47 horsepower at 3,500 rpm, with 125 Nm of torque obtained 2,000 rpm.

In celerio, the engine is associated with a 5-speed manual transmission and achieves high energy efficiency, with fuel consumption that is located in the 3.7 liters per 100 kilometers .

The unit is fully made of aluminum and weighs only 89 kg , which ensures that the total weight of celerio contents are, making 900 kilograms in running order. The bi-cylindrical DDiS is developed based on an architecture type injection common-rail , four valves per cylinder and an low inertia turbocharger , which by its quick action reduces almost the minimum turbo lag.

Suzuki DDiS 125 Turbodiesel Under power minimize vibrations of a two cylinder propeller as the new celerio, Suzuki engineers placed a system of additional insulation, as well as flywheel specifically worked to try to reduce vibration.

The engine delivers high torque at low speed and a fuel efficiency due to a decrease in compression ratio and installing one intercooler Large size.

In addition, the low consumption is achieved without the need for costly system start & stop start and stop the engine, allowing maintain its selling price around 6000 euros .





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