Svens Smeets, the new director of Volkswagen Motorsport


This past weekend, on the occasion of the Belgian GP of Formula 1, Jost Capito made his first public appearance as a member of the staff of McLaren-Honda in the absence of the basis of your role. The former head of Volkswagen Motorsport has accomplished your transfer between the German firm and the british in the period between the Rally of Germany, and the appointment in Spa-Francorchamps during the month of August. All in all, Capito already have a substitute because Sven Smeets is the new director of Volkswagen Motorsport. At 44 years old, it will be the maximum responsible of the sports projects of the brand.

In this way, Sven Smeets takes it a step further in his career at Volkswagen Motorsport and passes to lead all sports activities of the brand after signing on the manufacturer in 2012. A role in the fund is not new since this former co-driver exercised until now the work of a Team Leader in the training in the World of Rallying, a discipline that knows to the perfection after working to the right hand of riders such as Fran├žois Doge or Freddy Loix. Your first mission will be to maintain Volkswagen as a reference in the championship with the new World Rally Car in 2017.

The substitution of Jost Capito by Svens Smeets as director of Volkswagen Motorsport has not been the only change that has made the mark in your chart sports, as it has been announced via a brief press release. Lukasz Urban happens to be the new Commercial Director in place of Kisten Zimmermann, steering that has been moved to another department of the German manufacturer. In turn, Fran├žois-Xavier Demaison as the Technical Director and the Dr. Donatus Wichelhaus as Director of Engine Development scale positions within the board of management of Volkswagen Motorsport.