Symonds, disappointed with the evolution of Williams in 2016


The Technical Director of Williams, Pat Symonds, acknowledge to be
disappointed with the evolution that has taken the team from Grove
during the
season 2016. However, Williams began the year as the third team
the grill, a result already reached in the classification of constructors in
2014 and 2015, but that has not been able to consolidate along this year. In fact,
Williams is currently fifth in the classification with 10 points of
disadvantage over Force India in the absence of four races to the end of the
season, what to Symonds shows stagnation in the formation.

In this aspect, Pat Symonds recognized in ‘’
the improvements that have been made in the FW38 have not brought the expected:
I Think we have been very stagnant this year. I think that other teams, in
particular Force India, have taken several steps forward. Force India made a
big update in Barcelona, which is quite unusual in that it tends to
implement things in each race. But they gave a very important step
forward, although it took a little time to understand how to use that
update so great. We have produced and improved the car, but not

“there is No doubt that if we return to Barcelona we’d now be a little faster, but the delta would not be as big as the Force India. They have done an exceptional job” recognizes a Pat Symonds also added: “Our development, which was very strong in 2014 and especially in 2015, has let us down. It is true that we made a change early to work on the car next year, but that is not all. At the end some things in which we focus on in the beginning of the year to work through this season have not worked as well as we had hoped. I Only know that we have not met objectives“.