Symonds: “I Would be happy if Bottas and Massa quedaran”


Williams is faced with the predicament of having to decide your couple of pilots for 2017, for which it has initiated discussions with riders of the likes of Jenson Button or Sergio Perez.

“The continuity is important, especially with the advent of the new regulation”

But, during the month of August, Claire Williams has exalted the virtues of its two pilots current, as well as their contribution to the team. Now it is Pat Symonds, who claims, in a statement to Autosport, that he would be happy to follow up with Valtteri Bottas and Felipe Massa. “The continuity is important, especially when it comes to a new technical regulation, but you can’t keep the same drivers forever. I hope that at least we can keep one, I would be happy if you keep to the two. I’ve never had two pilots that work so well together and are such good companions”, highlights Symonds advocating for the continuity and the benefits of the same.

The arrival of a pilot star

however, Symonds highlights the growth of the team and the ability we now have Williams to assume the arrival of a pilot of prestige, something possible at the level of economic and sports. “In 2014, people wondered why not fichábamos to
Alonso and drivers as well, I said no because we were not prepared
as a team, we were not financially prepared. As a team,
now would welcome any pilot”

Symonds, which was at Renault at the time of Flavio Briatore and knows how to maximize limited resources, believes that is precisely one of the strengths of Williams. “we Can produce good results, but we are not a team
with a large budget. One of the talents of a team like the
our is to make good use of our resources, whether they are
human or financial. And that includes the resources spent on the

it Is expected that many of the decisions that teams like Williams, McLaren, Haas or Renault should take in relation to its pilots, be made public during the month of September.