Symonds ruled out his withdrawal, but will not return to F1


Pat Symonds now 63 years old and, after decades in the Formula 1, has decided to put an end to his career in the pinnacle of motorsport. But that does not necessarily mean that we will stop to see you linked to the races, as the british confirmed in a statement to Motorsport, which is assessing to do other things.

Symonds commented that it is not their intention to join “to another team in F1, I want to do different things now. What amazes me is how much work there is”, pointing out that it is open to many options that may arise. “I’m quite open minded about what I will do. I’m not really retired, I am now away from the intensity relentless of the F1, so it will be nice to reflect and to use my experience in a positive way for the sport”.

Symonds wants to bring a different rhythm of work, but with the amount of competitions that are along on the planet, you’re sure to find something that fits your current needs, something that you think start to appreciate from march. “I have spent the month of January looking at my around the possibilities that could have. I’m on holiday in February and during that time I will decide on some of the things that could be done, and then in march I will put it up”.