Synchro Motorsport creates a Honda Civic Tourer Type R

Synchro Motorsport, Honda Civic Tourer Type RThe Honda Civic Type R is one of the compact, more performance of the moment, as we saw last year. This model only came to market with the body compact, skipping directly to the variant family of this model. But Synchro Motorsport has wanted that to change and have been willing to create his own Honda Civic Tourer Type R.

This family sports will not occur or will arrive at dealers, it is a unique creation. It has taken the body of a Civic Tourer of the year 2013 and have been added to all the elements of the Type R today. This includes the transplant of the powerful a turbocharged engine 2.0 VTEC and the six-speed manual transmission. Thanks to him, this unique vehicle will get pay 310 HP and 400 Nm.

Synchro Motorsport, Honda Civic Tourer Type RWith these credentials, its performance will be close to the compact version, that you get to do the 0-100 km/h in 5.7 seconds and a maximum speed of 270 km/h. For your look go according with what it takes under the hood has been adapted to the aerodynamic kit of the Type R both the frontal as well as side to side. Behind stand out the four exits of the exhaust on the rear diffuser, but we have done away with the large spoiler that we saw in the compact.

The body has been painted in a striking matte black, a color shared by the tires. These have also been directly taken from the Type R, are 19 inch and mounted the tires 325/35 R19. In order to stop this unique Honda Civic Tourer Type R has decided to equip the sport brakes signed by Brembo, in addition to performing the same adjustments on your suspension, to improve your behavior.

Source – Coach

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