Systems Audi Connect will be the reference in connectivity in the near future


Board of the Audi e-tron quattro cocept.

The systems of infotainment are the last frontier that marks have been proposed to achieve, gradually introducing new features that enable in brief a total connectivity in the car, at the same time serve as a support for the technologies driving piloted. In the case of Audi, the new technologies of connectivity are the basis for the systems for infotainment and navigation.

Audi continues the development of the technologies of infotainment with the new generation of the applications of the system, Audi Connect, which before the end of the year will provide information on Europe on traffic signs as well as possible incidents on the route, while in the us-american market also provide real information about traffic lights. Expanding and enhancing the driving experience with the support of the connectivity systems of the vehicle.

by Providing facilities to the driver as to provide data in time
real about the state of the traffic, in order to facilitate the choice of a
route, or service of parking information, as well as the
information on fuel prices, helping us to find the
service station more economic, among many other services
information available.


The connectivity with the mobile platforms allow the user greater control.

Other advantages of the new technologies of connectivity are applications such as myCarManager, which allows the user to from your smartphone be a remote control of some functions, such as to lock or unlock the doors or even control the heating system of the vehicle, allowing us to connect before we get to the and well find it to the temperature you want.

added To this, many other services and applications that we find available in the vehicles of the brand, which will be expanded with the arrival of the latest innovations of the brand in this area, which is already developing new platforms for connectivity, such as MIB2+, which will offer higher performance to support multiple high-resolution displays at the same time, at the same time giving better and faster support tasks, transfer of data or a simple call.

This platform MIB2+ will allow Audi to be the first manufacturer in the
in giving support to the latest standard of wireless communication, the
LTE Advanced, which will allow maximum speeds of transmission of 300
MBit/s for download and 50 MBit/s in upload of data, up to 3 times more
faster than previous platform MIB2.


The new platforms will allow our vehicle to be more connected with your environment.

This new technology facilitate the connection of the vehicle with your
, as well as with the other vehicles, the new step which will give the
manufacturers in the field of road safety, and that is already in phase