Systems infotainment current does size matter?

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technology advances inexorably in our lives and as if a steamroller is involved is running out (many people do not see it as well) with the life that we had up to this point. Today everything has to be 3.0 and it must be connected to the internet, no matter what the product and serve to what you serve. Just as puzzling is the situation, that if many of the children are between 3 and 10 years (and older) teach them a radio analog, or something as simple as a cassette tape would not know that they have among their hands.

If we take this technological revolution automotive sector we can see how the dashboards of the cars have gone from being “that” to become spacecraft. I still remember when I bought the car I have (a Fiat Bravo from the last generation) because they were already beginning to imposed the USB jacks and all the world was telling me if what would buy with it, or otherwise I would be stuck in the past. In addition, they did not come alone since Bluetooth came to close the tandem perfect in terms of connectivity for that time.

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I admit, I’m guilty of falling into the networks of modernity and buy a car with USB socket and Bluetooth. The Fiat Bravo was one of the first cars in the market in propose a multimedia system moderately competent. Blue&Me was (and is) his name, and although many people gave them some other failure, in a simple system we could have, from listening to music MP3 to a browser more than competent.

however, the digital screens came to our lives and all-new infotainment system from Fiat (as a brand ejemplificadora) passed to the history. At first they were discrete, between 4 to 5 inches, however today we have up to 15 inches. Thanks to them the dashboards of cars have gone from having a myriad of buttons to none, however the complexity that have been added to the driving involves more dangers than benefits.

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They are responsible for that the cars have passed you can listen to music by the USB socket or answer a call to see movies, listen to music through Spotify, and even hang pictures on our social networks favorite. All of this has meant that when we go to buy a new car we will be more outstanding, to know what smartphone is compatible with the car or how many inches has the screen.

standardization of operating systems for mobileAndroid, IOs or Windows Phone) has led to a situation where almost any car is hyper connected to the network and, therefore, turn our car in a showcase of technology. All in all, we don’t improve our driving experience, but yes allows us to boast before our friends and acquaintances that we have the tv with more inches possible inside of our car.

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however, a non-profit that I point down the street, I think the culprits of this situation are the own brands of cars and the “borreguismo” in which we live. Each time you get a new car to the market, are the brands that spend the same or more time to talk about the benefits of your improved, or new infotainment system to explain the security systems or mechanical enhancements that incorporates your new product.

perhaps they are moved by the need to continue selling their cars by changing the method of public exhibition. The reason is that it has already been shown that the new generations are not interested in having a vehicle with which to move from one side to the other, whether before not they have covered their technology needs. Therefore, the best way to cover both, and at the same time selling cars, is to give them in the car dashboard prolongation perfect your smartphone.

download shall we say that the society is forcing them to behave this way. Today (I see it daily) if the car can’t do a thousand stories through a sumptuous display does not encajaremos in our group of friends, and therefore the client doesn’t want the car. Therefore the same society forces you to behave one way or the other, losing other judgments of value are important when buying a car, as feelings are sporting or the safety in case of impact or accident.

As the saying goes, “less is more” and if brands fail to combine a good infotainment system with the discretion and elegance that provides a dashboard well-compensated, we will have much cattle. So I want to tell you that the size of the screen (as many other things) is not what is truly important in our car.

I will close this post proclamándome fan of the dashboards without screens neither great technological complications. My Fiat Bravo (if God wants) has to durarme several more years, and the day I have to change it I will look for one that allows me to continue listening to music through a simple USB socket, and do not convert my car into a showcase of Media Markt.