Tacoma ‘Back to the Future’, a tribute to Toyota’s Marty McFly

The October 21, 2015 was the day that the protagonists of the film knew the future. 30 years of that time, our present is something different to what you imagined, but Toyota pays homage to the film with the prototype ‘Toyota Tacoma Back to the Future’.

Toyota-Tacoma-Back-to-the-Future-Concept yer there were many celebrations around the 21st of October 2015, the exact date on which Marty McFly and Dr. Emmet Brown traveled 30 years into the future mounted at the famed DeLorean DMC-12. As part of the celebrations, Toyota presented a prototype which exhibits in the city of Los Angeles, in the united States, which pays homage to the Toyota SR5 Xtracab that Marty McFly used in the movie.

this Is the Toyota Tacoma Back to the Future Concept, a recreation of the vehicle used by the protagonist, based on the latest update of the Tacoma. Like the original, features a body painted in black color, headlights KC HiLite wheels, TRD shod with BFGoodrich and a lot of nods to the original car.

Among the details to be found bumper front and rear tubular, a tuition similar to those used in the car of the year 2015 in the film and even a few front and rear lamps are adapted to look almost identical to the original model, in addition to a proton rear with the iconic emblem of Toyota.

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