Takata asks for legal protection in the US to file for bankruptcy

history of airbags of Takata comes from far away, specifically from the year 2000, point-in-time from which they began to cover up the problems that had their airbags. One of the most important suppliers of the automotive industry, which has come to capture 20 percent of the world market, has not been able to manage well the problem that he himself has sought.

To give you an idea of the entity of the problem, have been affected more than 42 million cars the length and breadth of the world. The major brands that have suffered in their flesh the problem has been Toyota, Honda, Nissan, BMW, Isuzu, Ford, General Motors or Tesla. The only positive (if it is you can read as well) is that of the many millions of affected units, only have died, 17 people (that we know of).

Remembering to remember, the fault that had these airbags are defective became a part that wore out prematurely, before the moisture. due to this degradation, if the airbag is deployed would skip them, to the face of the driver chips of metal and therefore could be injured from consideration. When the ruling was well known worldwide Takata had to make new airbags to replace the defective and there is where he has been the problem of your bankruptcy.

The address of the company has focused more on the manufacturing of these units to continue struggling to change its image and grow in other areas of the market. All in all, Takata has been forced to to submit to the courts of the united States a document which will be home to the legal protection that provides the country for businesses that need to filing bankruptcy.

in Addition to having informed the courts of the united States, Takata also would have informed those of Japan, since the company has one of its offices in the east country. Now it remains to be seen what the company wants to take over the assets of Takata, and if the deal would fall liabilities toxic of the firm. You hear that Key Safety Systems (japanese firm capital chinese) have already presented a firm offer by all divisions of Takata (except the airbags) for a value of 1,500 million dollars.

Will have to see if the operation goes ahead and if the new company is able to overcome the bad image that Takata has won over.

Source – Takata

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