Takata call review to 34 million vehicles for faulty airbags


The Takata defective airbags and affect 34 million vehicles only in the United States . This is a problem with inflators, in high humidity areas could cause injury.


Takata-Airbag L he company Takata, in conjunction with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that called to review by the defective airbags will expand to a total of 34 million vehicles only in the United States.

That means roughly double the current 17 million cars withdrawn from the market so far and becomes called to larger revision in the history of the United States .

Defective airbags Takata already affecting 34 million vehicles.

The US agency held a press conference today, and is expected in the coming hours issue reports detailing defects in airbags inflators Takata . Automakers must still awaits this information is disclosed to determine which of their own vehicles are involved in the call to review.

is expected that this process can take a few days and considering that areas of high humidity are those that most affect the defective airbags , where there could be called to begin the review of the form more immediate.

The defect in airbags Takata might even outweigh the so far was the record in the United States, when in 1982 they had to recall 31 million bottles of painkiller Tylenol contaminated, which killed 7 people.

According to data supplied by Takata airbag inflators could have been assembled using inadequate gas due to poor storage Takata plant in Mexico which exposed them to absorb moisture .





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